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Generator on Hire | Silent Generator on Hire

Classic Generator Power offers generator or silent generator on hire in Delhi NCR and pan India with all sizes and shapes from temporary, single-site power, to base load-scale, Multi MW power for regional grids. We focus on delivering the best quality generators depending upon the client’s needs. We do provide our services on a daily basis, monthly basis, and even on a yearly basis. The Services are often given on a contract basis as well. Our firm is bundled up with knowledge and 15 years of experience. This is the reason why we are able to offer a wide range of generators on hire in Delhi NCR and pan India. The Process depends specifically on our customer’s needs and requirements.

About our Team:

1) Our company has a team of dedicated highly qualified engineers for both sales as well as services.
2) We value the trust and beliefs embedded in us by our customers.
3) We keep up to the expectations of our known professional contacts.
4) We specialize in giving dedicated service with an honest and conventional approach in all our dealings we make.
5) We have a Team of Professionals who check the Generators before giving it on hire.
6) Our team stands out for providing the best and quick services in Delhi.
7) Customer Retention is our Ultimate Goal.
We offer 5KVA to 1250 KVA Generators on hire in Delhi NCR and pan India as per the requirements of clients. The offered generators are highly appreciated by the clients due to the superior performance, low consumption of power, and less vibration & noise. Before delivery to the clients, these generators are checked by our professionals on various different parameters.
We are a leading organization engaged in offering Generator on Hire. These are widely used in houses, offices, industries, and factories. We provide Generator on hire in India as per the demands of the clients.
At our company, we offer high-speed services to both emergencies as well as planned projects. We have a wide range of generator rental equipment offering pliability so that they can be adjusted easily for scaling up or down.
We will meet your specific and individual generator needs and will offer the best power solutions for you and your suitable place. Once we see happy customers and client satisfaction it lends us a peace of mind. We take our client safety very seriously. We cohere to all the safety standards. The generator hires equipment we supply has the design featured to ensure safety in your chosen location. All of the generators are outstanding and fully well-maintained and tested.

Types of Generators set that we have to offer are:

● 1 0 KVA to 380 KVA Generator.
● 500 KVA to 3000 KVA Silent Genset on hire.
● Industrial Generator on hire.
● Cost-effective Generator hire packages.
● Commercial DG sets on hire.
● Emergency Genset rental.
● Soundproof DG sets on Hire.
Our Generator is capable of providing services within 24 hours by which we are able to offer powerful supplies on time. Our firm tries to offer the latest and advanced models of generators with prominent features including user-friendliness. Our firm takes full responsibility for providing the professional installation of our generators on our client premises.
Along with Generator on Hire our firm is also indulged in offering Generator or Silent Generator on Rent in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Bahadurgarh and pan India at affordable and customer friendly prices. Our Generator is given and can be undertaken on various and different occasions like parties, events, celebrations, and household needs.
Our Generators are highly preferred and in demand in both residential and industrial areas of Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Bahadurgarh and pan India.

Tips to keep In Mind While Hiring a Generator!

As we all know generator has become an important electronic device nowadays, majority of people are owning generators in their homes, office and factories. In today’s world nobody likes to stay in heat during power cuts. Several of people are interested in purchasing generators.

So here I bring you 4 tips to keep in mind while hiring a generator.

What makes us stand unique?

1) Believe in Brand:
In today’s market there are several brands who are promoting generators, renting generators etc. If you are in a need of buying a generator, you should always invest in a brand which has a good market reputation like Classic Generator Power.
2) Fit your Requirement:
With advancement of technology many companies in the market have come up with different kinds of generators to serve your purpose. It is very important to invest in the generator which fits your requirement perfectly.
3) Affordable:
As told before, with development of technology when can find an ample number of generators in the market. With a little bit if research you can find the best generator for you which fulfils your requirement and will also not burn a hole in your pocket. One should always hire a generator which is affordable and fit in your budget.
4) Warranty:
Before hiring any generator, one should always check the warranty of the generator. Always hire a generator which is in a good warranty period, so that you can exchange it in case there is any problem in the generator.
Always keep these 4 tips in your mind while you are hiring or renting a generator for yourself. Think before you invest!

Our Objectives:

● Listening to customers queries, and trying to resolve it immediately.
● Delivering the products, services, and support to our customers on time without any delay.
● To build a long-term relationship to support you at every stage of your business.
● Sticking to strict safety standards to protect our staff and our clients.
● Always working with honesty, loyalty, and integrity.

What makes us stand unique?

● Client-based approach
We always listen to our customers and take into consideration their views and suggestions which has allowed us to prioritize our client’s needs and requirements. All the work is conducted depending on the customer’s direction and we give them regular updates to make sure they always remain in the loop and the trust level is maintained.
● Ethical Business Conduct
We believe in conducting our business ethically and morally which has allowed us to maintain a trustworthy relationship with all our customers. It has always been a priority for us to maintain a high standard of assurance with our clients to make our clients satisfied. ● Reasonable Prices
We deliver high-quality products at reasonable rates which have made us an industry favourite. Our team of extremely talented and highly accomplished professionals helps us in providing our customers with the best product at the most economical rates.

Our Specialty:

● Our specialty lies in our mobile generators mounted on a truck.
● Our generator can reach the remote as well as rural areas within less time and can be set up quickly as it is configured to be ready to use.
● Whether it is a pre-booked or emergency power requirement, we are strong enough to meet all your power needs.
● We provide reliable power generators that are customized to meet your power needs and we assure you to back you up anytime if anything goes wrong.
● We take complete control of the client's temporary power needs.
● All of our solutions are efficient and cost-effective.
● We have set a record of successfully fulfilling the demands of our customers with remarkably different requirements.
● Our commitment to the best services has won us the trust of our clients. We believe in offering the best services to our customers. For delivering our generators we are prompt in providing services like:
● Power consultation.
● Ready to set up equipment.
● Regular maintenance and repair.
● Immediate replacements for faulty equipment.

How do we work?

● We make sure that the generator has been tested with a load bank for smooth operations before shipment.
● We properly service the generator and check that all fluids and filters are in the proper state.
● We load-bank the generators when they return from the site. Load-banking of the generator is done to avoid wet stacking and after-treatment issues and to ensure that it produces maximum power for the next customer.
● We frequently keep changing the oil from the generator because failing to change the oil results in accelerated wear on the engine.
● We make sure the customer has a certified electrician available for connecting the power.
● We recommend our customers in choosing the generators. For the smaller requirements, smaller portable generators from 2,000-watt portable inverters to 40-kW tow-behind generators are suggested whereas, for larger requirements, the industrial segment up to 50 kW and up is recommended.
● We conduct a site visit in advance to identify any potential obstructions or safety concerns. The purpose of the site visit is to become familiar with the working environment, safety requirements, delivery and pick-up routes, and potential impacts on other trades.
● We always arrange a backup plan to have a backup generator on the job site, so work doesn't have to stop if anything goes wrong.
● We are always open to provide demos for customers if they require it.
● Maintenance intervals are scheduled more frequently for generators operating in harsh environments or challenging weather conditions.
● We first clarify whether the customer desires a trailer-mounted or skid-mounted unit and ensure that equipment is available for off-loading when needed,

More about our Generators:

● Our Power generators are green zoned that include new advances in spill containment, silencing, and emissions, and range in size from 5 KVA to 1200 KVA.
● Our portable power generators have a rugged and compact design. They are trailer -mounted for easy and safe transportation.
● Twin Pack uninterruptible generators combine and synchronize two generators to deliver complete redundant backup power to remain working all the time. .

Our Super Service:

● Our technicians are available 24x7 for any kind of generator repair works no matter how small.
● In most cases, we carry out full repairs on-site, so that we can provide full system diagnostics for all types and brands of generators.
● The upgrading of control systems and other diesel generator parts is a service which we can also provide upon request.
● We try to resolve the customers' issues on time and never delay to answer their queries.
● We provide the products and installation work on time.
● Our experts recommend our customers the best components for a standby power system, maximizing uptime, and effectiveness depending upon their knowledge and experience.
Our customer-based approach has always helped us to cater to quality services and maintain good relationships, commitment with our customers. The state-of-art infrastructure is followed by a highly developing approach to acquiring the newest technology, quality control, and best client services. We aim to deliver the most reliable and rugged generators on hire that give the maximum performance to satisfy our customers. This, along with our excitement and initiative, helps us to be the best in our business.

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