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About Classic Generator Power

We would introduce as professional diesel generator set dealing and overhauling, repairing, rugged and reliable GEN SET.

The present range of Diesel Generator set overhauling upto1250 KVA any make diesel generator set. We provide total solution to your power need with the well trained service engineers.

Our work is at Jaitpur badarpur. We have 15 Years of experience in the field of diesel gen set. Our mission is to provide diesel generator set maintenance, need that sets new standard of customer care. We are committed to non-stop power supply with trusting relationship.


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Generators on Rent
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Generators on Hire
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Old Generator sale purchase

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Generator on Rent in Gurgaon | Generator on Rent in Faridabad | Generator on Rent in Ghaziabad

Classic Generator Power is one of India’s largest providers of Generator on Rent Service Models. Being in this industry for the last 16 years has given us an experience that has helped us upscale our potential and unleash new boundaries in the business, having started as a small-scale setup, to now offering our services to Multi-National Organizations and Big Scale Events

The history of Generator Service Models in India—Tracing how we reached here

Being the brand that we as a team have built ourselves up to be at Classic Generator Power, we have seen the evolution of how Generator usage and the equipment itself has transformed through the years, especially the last decade.

Generators which earlier used to be extremely noisy an equipment, generating more smoke and emissions than power in the form of electricity were the most troublesome units that took a lot of physical effort and pressure to get them started.

Fuelling and refuelling them every now and then was also a severe problem back in the day with the minimal variety of Generators that were available in the market back then.

Coming to the current day, we can trace Generator Service Models have completely changed, rather evolved into as helpful and easy to use an equipment as inverters. You do not have to keep refuelling it manually every time the power cuts off.

You do not have to pull on the levers and put external physical pressure to operate the generator any longer. In fact, one of the best parts, there is little to no noise generator models available in the Indian Market today.

And the smoke and emissions released have also been sustained to levels that make it all the more manageable each passing day.

However, we at Classic Generator Power understand that such innovative models can become really heavy on the pocket as an initial altogether at once kind of investment, and not everybody has the usage for it long-term to invest that kind of money into a Generator.

You might need a Generator as a backup for just a day or two for a corporate, commercial, or domestic event or party. Or you might require one for short-term use at a rental, commercial, industrial, or residential property.

Even long-term usage model requirements in apartments and colonies where the installation of a generator set would supply power to multiple households may seem better managed through rental services than through complete purchase of the product itself.

And why would you go on to buy a completely new equipment or Generator if you have a decayed or damaged part in the generator body that is becoming the issue? Therefore, it is renting out spare parts of the same that can help you better.

To help you solve all of these issues, we provide Generators on Rent in Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad at Classic Generator Power, for all of the use cases mentioned above and more.

Not only that, we have a list of many more such products and service models under the Generator on Rent category that we have mentioned below.

This can thus, not only save you a lot of money, but also cancel out on the need and hassle of regular maintenance. Our team of expert service engineers will take care of it all for you.

What is a Generator?

A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy obtained from an external source into electrical energy as the output.

Instead, it uses the mechanical energy supplied to it to force the movement of electric charges present in the wire of its windings through an external electric circuit.

We have an enthusiastic team of professionals who keep a constant check on the quality and condition of the Generator that we give on rent.

Our company stands out for the trustworthy and credible Generator renting business in Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. Customers inadvertently rely on us for their purpose to meet.

We have been into this business from Last 16 Years. Our team fully understands the importance and need for a generator on rent.

We provide generator on rent from the best manufacturers in the business.

We own every size and power of a generator, be it a fuel generator or an electric generator to meet your every need. It could be a small social function, social gathering, or the management of a huge event.

We rent the generators for various purposes including industrial purposes. During peak seasons our service never degrades rather we continuously and effectively work to meet the demand of our clients.

Our every renting is duly tested & lubricated prior to their every service. We even rent vital generator parts such as Engine, Battery charge, Voltage regulator, etc.

Our renting involves renting a well-maintained generator enabling our generator to provide efficient output. Each renting of generators is assisted by well-trained personnel.

We run a business made of the skilled, well equipped, and conscious team, which not only assists in installing and running the generator but is capable enough of managing run-time issues and other technical glitches. Our team ensures the smooth going of your need.

Today in the day where fuel is valued equivalent to any precious metals, our rented generators are fuel-efficient.

Our renting may range from a few hours to a few days. We give Generator on Rent considering not only ones needs but also the ones that best suit the existing weather of Delhi.

Our every service is made with the conscious mind toward the feature of generators and it's concerned surroundings.

We have enough capacity to meet industrial power needs which are highly expected in industrializing/ed areas.

We make sure that you do not need to compromise in any aspect that is the reason we work hard dedicatedly.

We have affluent industrial understanding and expertise in generator rental services. We make sure that we meet all your requirements and expectations.

We are happy to share that we are the perfect solution of all your power-cut problems.

We at Classic Generator Power take pride in offering an affordable as well as cost - effective services of the generator.

We highly deliver our services at the clients stop within a single call in another word, we are available 24/7 for the purpose of the convenience of our clients and hence, we are known for a single call delivery service as well.

We provide a vast range of our goods and services so that people can choose from daily, monthly, and even weekly rates depending on their project and personal schedule.

Our highly professional as well as the well-experienced staff helps our valued patrons in order to pick our best Generator rental services in Delhi NCR by simply call us and attain that what we have available for you as per your concerns.

Our Service Model and Products

We as a company believe in holistic service provision. And to fulfil that, we did not want our customers to go through the hassle of looking for each identifiable service for Generator on Rent in a separate domain, so we brought it all under one roof. Let us take you through our service model that has taken us 16 years to perfect, and the various products it entails that help us give you the best of the best.

Our service model includes three main domains under the Generator on Rent Category:
1. Spare Generator Parts on Rent.
2. Complete Generator Sets on Rent.
3. Maintenance Services for Generators on Rent.

Our products on the other hand include:
● Spare Generator Parts on Rent.
● Domestic Use Generators on Rent.
● Electrically Powered Generators on Rent.
● Generators on Rent for Event Based Needs.
● Commercial and Industrial Use Generators on Rent.
● Fuel Generators on Rent like Diesel Generators, Kerosene Generators.

Key features of our services:

● Trained staff.
● Instant assistance.
● Quick service at a reasonable cost.
● Proper installation and management service.
● Fuel efficient and environment concerning generator.
● Flexibility in the Service agreement for continuous service.

Connect with our team and members in advance to inquire and discuss your requirements for Generators on Rent.

Where do we provide services?

● Planned power shutdowns.
● New Constructions & Expansions.
● Sudden Power Failures & Downtime.
● Powering to various events and functions.
● Compensating for seasonal change in power demand.

Why renting generator is beneficial?

Renting is a recognized business that brings benefits to both the person or business using a generator on rent service as well as the rental business owner.

For the rental business owner, renting provides revenue in the form of rent paid by the person renting the generator.

Whereas, for the one renting the generator, renting is a smart decision as he does not have to purchase it. The person will save a lot on it and can use that money for other purposes.

Besides, he does not need to look after all the miscellaneous activities associated with the generator such as maintenance, attending to breakdowns, immediate scale up or scale down as required, flexibility to decide on configuration, servicing and keeping the generator in good working condition as the generator owner takes care of all these activities.

The Promise of High Standard Deliverability

Classic Generator Power is not just a company, it is a value system that has helped us not just sustain, but thrive in the industry because of our unmatched service standards, and keeping up with the promise of High Standard Deliverability, where every piece of equipment that reaches you (be it a spare part or a Generator on Rent) goes out in a fully-functioning smooth running capacity under the surveillance of our well qualified and highly trained service engineers.

Customer Trust and 24/7 Support Availability

Through 16 years of consistent and ever evolving growth at Classic Generator Power, we have not only won multiple awards that certify our authenticity in the domain of Generators Power Service Providers, but have also won the trust of thousands of customers that we have served with our product and service models

This would not have been possible without the trust you place in us every day and every time that a service for Generator on Rent is required. Yes, that is indeed what it is. What started as a small company that was still learning how to best be of service to their customers, has evolved into one of the largest pan-India providers of Generators on Rent services.

All of this has been possible due to the trust we have gained in the form of repeat customer rates and referrals through our existent clients. We are forever grateful.

We promise to keep this service authenticity and client-first prioritization alive, as this is what helps us bring you the best-in-class technology and Generator Services, alongside the 24/7 support model that we follow. We are delighted to serve you in any manner we can. Hope to see you soon at Classic Generator Power.

For any further queries, contact us at or connect with us at (+91) 9810224161 | (+91) 9899304161.

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